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Have You Ever Dreamed Of A Vacation In Italy?

If you have dreams of a vacation in Italy, you've come the right place. As a die-hard Italophile, I can attest to the the enigmatic draw of a country steeped in the history of ancient civilizations, overflowing with great art and architecture, immersed in the language of love, and effervescing with a truly ebullient populace. If you only ever visit one country in Europe, Italy is by far your best choice.

 Vacations In Italy - Leaning Tower of Pisa

Vacations In Italy - Trevi Fountain

Visit Italy And Fall In Love.

If I sound prejudiced, I am. I have been returning to Italy almost every other year for nearly 20 years. From my very first trip I fell in love with the country, the Italian language, Italian food and the Italian people. I felt strangely at home in a strange land. But I was not to be a stranger for long. I began immersing myself in everything Italian. Today, I can introduce you to Italy in a way that only someone with a passion for the country can.

Italy Leaves An Impression Like No Other.

I do hope you plan to travel to Italy soon and that here you are able to discover the many things that I found so enchanting about Italy all those many years ago. To this day I continue to discover new things to see and places to go in Italy, a country that will leave an impression on you like no other.
Vacations In Italy - Duomo of Florence

Your host and
fellow Italy traveller, Caramella

Travel Italy Once And Return Again and Again.

This site is a work in progress, so come back often. Just as I have been travelling to Italy for 20 years, it may take that long to make this site worthy of the country I have grown to love. I know that if you plan a vacation in Italy, you, too, will feel the need to return again and again.

Dateline Italy: April In Italy

It may not be beach weather yet, but April is one of the most beautiful months to take an Italian vacation. The weather is mild with more sun than rain. Throngs of tourists haven't yet hit the country. There's plenty to do and see.

Easter doesn't occur on the same date each year, but more often than not, it does occur in April. And Easter is one of Italy's biggest celebrations. Pasqua, the Italian word for Easter, is celebrated much the same way it is in America but with perhaps a bit more passion. The granddaddy of religious services is, of course, mass in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, but you might find a small, charming, out-of-the-way church where a service can be enjoyed on this most holy day even if you're not religious.  By all means, enjoy the traditional Easter fare such as lamb and a sweet bread called "colombo" which means dove in Italian and which is shaped in the form of a dove.  

If you miss Easter in Italy, don't fret. There are many other events to take advantage of. 

Buon Viaggio.


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